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January 2017

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Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre
The Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre houses two performance venues, as well as the administration offices and the 'Ticket Seller,' Vernon's official ticket agent , located in the front entrance of the Performing Arts Centre.

The main auditorium is a 750 seat proscenium arch theatre with orchestra and balcony seating.

The Marie Fleming Hall is a flexible 'black box' space with potential seating for 100 persons.

Each venue has its own lobby, entrance and loading area.
Please Note
For bookings dated after September 1, 2012, the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre will no longer restrict the booking of similar or competitive acts on dates that are close to any existing booking.
Rental Contact
Sue Thayer - Rentals Coordinator
3800 - 33rd Street
Vernon, British Columbia V1T 5T6
Phone: (250) 542-9355
Fax: (250) 542-9384
Auditorium Dimensions
Distance from the back wall (P13) to the edge of the stage: 58' 0"

Distance from the wheel chair seats (L38 or L1) to closest edge of the stage: 39' 7" (from rail at back of w/c bay to edge of stage)

Distance from the lighting booth to the edge of the stage: 76' 7"
Proscenium Arch Opening
Width: Max 43' 0" Min 35' 0" (Adjustable with Hard Tormentors)
Height: Max 26' 0" Min 18' 6" (Adjustable with the Grand Border)
Stage Dimensions
Plaster Line: To upstage wall 34' 8" To downstage apron: 12' 8"
Centre Line: To SL Clear 44' 0" To SR Clear: 42' 6"
Height: Under SL Rail 30' 6" Height under SR Rail: 26' 6"
Grid Height: 65' 0"
Stage Floor
The stage has a working, sprung floor surfaced in black painted masonite.
The stage has nine traps located centre stage, immediately upstage of the orchestra pit. These traps are grouped three wide by three deep, with each trap measuring approximately 3'6" x 4'0"
Orchestra Pit
The orchestra pit consists of removable pit covers located over the apron of the stage. Access to the pit is by a staircase in the SR wing. The orchestra pit does not accommodate the grand piano.

Width: SR to SL 34' 0" US to DS 11' 3" (at centre)
Depth: Below Stage 6' 0" Below Audience 2' 6"
Versalite Staging System
24- 3'x 6' Black Decks available at 8", 16", 24" and 30" heights

A 9' wide by 12' long, or 6' wide x 18' long thrust stage can be provided.
Dressing Rooms
1 chorus dressing room with stations for 21 persons
1 chorus dressing room with stations for 18 persons
2 principals' dressing rooms with stations for 4 persons each

Showers provided, renters provide towels & toiletries.
Loading Bay
The loading bay is a 26'x 26' area located in the northeast corner of the building.

Doors: 14' 0"H x 10' 0"W (inner and outer doors)

* This is a level load, not a dock *
Fly System
4 Single Purchase line sets containing electrics
14 Single Purchase line sets containing curtains
15 Single Purchase line sets available
Total: 33
Batten length: 60' 0" with 2' 6" extenders on each end: total length of 65' 0"
Maximum Flying Height 64' 0''
Maximum 1200 lbs lineset
1 Main Curtain with 2 Panels, each 29' w x 30' h, Red Velour
1 Grand Border 55' 0"w x 8' 0"h, Red Velour
2 Travellers 2 Panels, each 29' 0"w x 30' 0"h, Black Commando Cloth
1 Scrim 52' 0"W x 30' 0"H, Black
1 Cyclorama 52' 0"W x 28' 0"H, Blue White
5 Pairs of Legs 8' 0"W x 30' 0"H, Black Commando Cloth
4 Borders 60' 0"W x 8' 0"H, Black Commando Cloth
2 Germans (one each side) 8' 0"W x 30' 0"H, Black Commando Cloth
8 White sheer panels
Glam sheer panels
Movie Screen & Projectors
15' x 30' front-projection screen
Located on the downstage-most winch pipe
Panasonic PT - D26700 Projector
Front of House Projector and 60" x 60" inch screen (for exclusive use in Tolko Millenium Foyer and Marie Fleming Hall)
Enclosed booth at rear centre of balcony

ETC ION Lighting Board
ETC Expression 3 - 400 (Back up)
House light control - Strand Outlook

202 Lighting Instruments - (Connectors -Twistlock - single pole , 20 amp):

20 ETC Source 4 19o 750w
24 ETC Source 4 26o 750w
36 ETC Source 4 36o 750w
16 ETC Source 4 50o 750w
6 Strand 11420 zoom (25o to 50o) 750w
20 Strand Fresnel #3808 at 1k
24 ETC PARnels at 750w
41 PARcans at 1k (WFL, MFL, NSP, VNSP)
8 3-Cell Cyclorama strips at 1k
2 Lycian Super Arc Follow Spots
3 Martin mac 250
Sound Equipment
Booth Equipment:
1 DIGICO SD9 digital sound console
HME DX 210 wireless intercom (3 belt packs)
Comm belt packs
2 Yamaha MSP5 Booth Monitors
1 Tascam CD-01U Pro (CD Player)
1 HHB CDR 882 (CD Player/Recorder)

Front of House Sound System:
2 x 9 Meyer Mina line array
2 Meyer 100 LFC sub cabinets
2 Meyer CQ1 cabinets
2 Meyer CQ2 cabinets
1 Meyer 650P sub cabinet
4 Meyer UPM 1P front fills

Enclosed booth at rear centre of balcony seating or house mix position at the rear centre of orchestra seating. Changing the sound position requires two technicians and one hour labour cost.
8 AKG C535 Condenser Mics
2 AKG 45ic Condenser Mics
2 Shure sm81 Condenser Mics
3 AKG C4118 Mini Drum Mics
1 AKG C518M Drum Mic
1 AKG D112 Kick Drum Mic
1 Sennheiser e902 Kick Drum Mic
4 Sennheiser e904 Drum Mics
1 Shure UC14/18 Lav Mic/Countryman E6 Omni-directional Ear-set Mic
1 Shure UC24/Beta 87A Handheld Wireless Mic
5 Shure SM 58
4 Shure SM 57
2 Shure beta57
2 Sennheiser e906
1 ATW T341 handheld
4 ATW T310 Beltpacks
4 Countryman B3 body mics
2 Sennheiser ME 66
2 Sennheiser ME 67
3 Clockaudio C3SE Choir mics
2 Sennheiser E912 boundary mics
2 Sennheiser e901 boundary mics
4 Sennheiser G3 935 Handheld Wireless mics
4 Sennheiser G3 Beltpacks
4 Sennheiser G3 MKZ-e Gold Body mics
12 Turbosound TMW-112 Passive Wedges (8 mixes)
4 Turbosound TCX-12 Passive Cabinets
2 Yamaha MS60S Two-way Self-powered Cabinets
4 Dynacord AM12 Powered Monitor Wedges
1 Dynacord M12 Passive Monitor Wedge
7 Active Direct Input Boxes
1 Passive Direct Input Box
3 30' 6 Channel Mic Snakes
2 Straight Mic Stands
8 Boom Mic Stands
4 Short Mic Stands
5 Medium Mic Stands
1 -16 inch mirror ball with motor
Mirror balls
Christmas trees
Assorted Chairs & Tables
Variable Room Acoustic System
Level Control Systems (VRAS) More information on this system is available on the Level Control Systems web page at
Effects Equipment
1 Rosco 4500 Fog Machine (with DMX remote)
1 Hazer Le Maitre Radiance Hazer DMX/Manual Control
2 Rosco Image Pro Gobo Slide Projectors
Music Equipment
1, 9 foot Concert Grand Piano, Hamburg Steinway (available for an additional fee)
1 Yamaha Clarinova Piano
23 Music Stands
21 Music Stand Lights
65 musicians chairs (shared with dressing rooms)
Dance Equipment
Double sided dance floor (black/grey or grey/white)
Dance bars
Red spotting light
The Marie Fleming Hall
The Marie Fleming Hall is a 31' x 40' flexible 'black box' space with a sprung floor.
Risers, lighting and sound equipment are shared with the Main Auditorium
Lighting Control is a Leprecon LP-1524D - 24 Channel 2 Scene Preset Board
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